Tomas Beuzen

Tomas Beuzen

Data Scientist

Solar Analytics

Hi, I’m Tom 👋

I’m a data scientist based in Sydney, Australia. I currently work in the renewable energy sector, but have experience in research, teaching, and consulting in various fields including data science, coastal engineering, and climate science. I’m fascinated with the natural and engineered world, and how data science can be used to solve problems in these domains. I also enjoy developing open-source, educational data science material. Here’s some material I’ve come up with so far: Python Packaging book, Python Programming for Data Science, Deep Learning with PyTorch, Python for Geospatial Analysis.


  • 👨‍💻 Programming
  • 📊 Data Science
  • 👨‍🏫 Education
  • 📈 Machine Learning
  • ☀️ Climate Dynamics
  • 🌊 Coastal Processes


  • PhD in Coastal Engineering, 2019

    University of New South Wales

  • BEng in Civil Engineering, 2016

    University of New South Wales

  • BSc in Climate Science, 2016

    University of New South Wales


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University of New South Wales

School of Civil Engineering

2013 – 2018 Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • CVEN1300 - Engineering Mechanics
  • CVEN2002 - Engineering Computations
  • CVEN2201: Soil Mechanics
  • CVEN2301: Mechanics of Solids
  • CVEN3201 Applied Geotechnics and Engineering Geology
  • CVEN2501 Principles of Water Engineering
  • CVEN2303 Structural Analysis and Modelling
  • CVEN3101 Engineering Operations and Control
  • CVEN3031 Civil Engineering Practice
  • CVEN3502 Water and Wastewater Engineering
  • CVEN4003 Engineering Design Practice